A Prescription for the Best Doctor

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Across the nation, physicians from a range of specialties have ventured into the medical specialty world of hair transplantation. Some people with no medical degree and little surgical training are also popping up in highly marketed hair clinics.  There are numerous horror stories of botched surgeries around the world due to Black Market hair clinics – otherwise known as unethical and unlicensed hair transplant mills.

There are plenty of doctors out there, but only a few have the exceptional medical training, provide excellent care, and have the design skill to truly offer their patients natural looking hair transplants.   Only a small number of physicians in the United States are formally trained in a medical residency in the art of hair restoration surgery.   Only a small number of physicians actually do the medical consult with the patient, design the natural looking hair line, and actually perform the entire hair transplant surgery.  Be aware of your doctor’s credentials, ask questions, do your research, don’t fall prey to bargain prices and unrealistic promises.

I formally learned the art of hair restoration surgery during my medical residency at the distinguished USC/LAC Medical Center.  I am the only one who performs the hair transplant consult (it is not a commodity to be sourced out to anyone).  I am the only one who designs the natural-looking hair line (only the surgeon should perform this artistic procedure).  I only perform one FUE or FUT hair transplant a day (it cannot be an assembly line with multiple technicians performing multiple FUE and FUT surgeries simultaneously).  I am personally involved in every step of the hair transplant procedure, giving my undivided attention to each patient.

Where do physicians go when they or their family members need a medical doctor?   I am honored that the best doctors refer to me, and also come to me and trust me with their own & family members hair loss needs.  As a physician, I strongly believe that I must be the patient’s advocate, and I’m ethically obligated to put the patient’s best interest and their health first.  That is a prescription for finding the best doctor.