Now Offering Virtual Consults and Appointments

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In order to meet the needs of our community, we are offering everyone (new and existing patients) Virtual Consults and Appointments. This allows you to see and talk with Dr. McAndrews from the comfort of your home in order to address your dermatologic skin and hair concerns.

You are also welcomed to come into our private medical office. It is reassuring to our patients, especially during this time, that our exclusive sterile medical office consists only of Dr. McAndrews and his 2 nurses, and that we only see 1 patient at a time. Nobody else is in the waiting room. Our undivided medical attention is solely on you.

Dr. McAndrews only performs 1 hair transplant surgery a day. He believes and demands that his entire focus is on the 1 patient receiving a hair transplant on that day. You can be reassured knowing that there will be no other patients in our medical office on your surgery day – our 100% attention is on you. It is also reassuring knowing that you can easily recover in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Telemedicine is an important way to offer care to patients with dermatological skin and hair concerns who can’t come into our office. We are committed to offering you our expertise, privacy and excellent medical care, especially now during these unique times.

Paul J. McAndrews, M.D.