A Cure for Unlimited Hair

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The latest development in fighting hair loss comes from Stemson Therapeutics in California, and they are making headway. Researchers at Stemson Therapeutics are developing a two-part process to turn stem cells into hair follicles.

Generating sustainable hair follicles that grow in a healthy, natural direction is the main goal.  This discovery is important for making new hair growth look completely natural.  Hair must be placed into the follicle at the correct angle so that it grows in a completely natural pattern on the head.   This technique is critical because the shape of the follicle is also necessary for keeping the hairs growing in the same direction.

Stemson is working on a proprietary scaffold to achieve this natural hair follicle angle. The scaffold would be implanted around the cloned follicle to direct the growth of the hair. Stemson Therapeutics recently partnered with the pharmaceutical giant Allergan to develop this scaffold for cloned hair, and they expect to start a clinical trial in humans in about a year and a half.  So far, testing has been proven successful on mice.

Until this new treatment is available, a hair transplant, done in the hands of a properly trained medical hair restoration surgeon, is now the best option for hair loss.  I’ve been performing FUT & FUE hair transplants and teaching the residents at USC/LA County Medical Center for more than 20 years.  I’m a Board-Certified Dermatologist, specializing in the medical and surgical treatments of hair loss.  As a world renowned expert, I’m involved in every step of the FUE & FUT hair transplant process in order to give my patients the best and most natural looking hair results possible.