What Causes Hair Loss?

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The causes of hair loss vary depending upon a number of factors: genetics, aging, illness, cancer treatment, and medical disorders. Androgenic Alopecia is the most common cause of baldness and hair loss in men women. Hair thinning can also be associated with distress or lifestyle: childbirth, smoking, exposure to chemicals, hair extensions and tight ponytails. Some hair loss is normal, as it’s part of the hair’s natural growth cycle.

Hair loss can reduce quality of life and lead to anxiety and depression in many people. There are many excellent remedies available (as well as lots of gimmicks and snake-oil potions), but you first need to determine the cause of your hair loss. Your hair growth treatment options may be medical (Finasteride), cosmetic (skin micro-pigmentation), or surgical (hair transplant).

The best way to diagnose your hair loss is to see a Board-certified Dermatologist (a medical doctor who specializes in skin care and hair loss). Your personal consultation with a hair restoration doctor (and not a sales rep or medical technician) is critical. Hair Transplants are just one of the treatment options to the various forms of hair loss.

An honest discussion of goals, expectations and hair loss treatments with your hair growth physician will give you the realistic options available so that you achieve your optimal natural looking hair restoration results.