Ask Questions & Do Research Before any Hair Surgery

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Take the time to do your research to find a qualified medical expert in the art of hair restoration surgery.  When in the hands of a medical hair transplant surgeon expert, it will look completely natural.  When in the hands of an unqualified but well-marketed person, you get bad results. Many doctors and large hair clinics are allowing unlicensed technicians and medical assistants to perform your actual surgery, which is the illegal practice of medicine without a license and a criminal offense.  During your consultation, ask your doctor (a red flag if it’s with someone else) what his/her medical qualifications are, and if they personally will be performing the entire surgery.

Board Certification

Make sure your consulting doctor, who will be performing your entire hair transplant surgery, is board certified in the medical specialty that is trained in hair transplant surgery.  The American Board of Dermatology requires that dermatology residents be exposed to hair transplant surgery.  Most specialties, including the American Board of Plastic Surgery, have no requirements in training residents in hair transplant surgery.  It is important to ask, “was the doctor trained in hair transplant surgery during their medical school residency?”  Significant credibility would be added if your doctor was on faculty and teaching hair transplant surgery at a major teaching medical center.


Since hair transplant surgery is as much of an art as it is science, it is imperative that your doctor be formally trained in a residency or fellowship, and also be actually involved in all aspects of your surgery.   The doctors’ experience is worthless if he is in another room with other patients while a technician is performing your surgery.  It’s unfortunate that many plastic surgeons and large hair clinics perform multiple surgeries at the same time; this creates a situation where technicians and assistants illegally perform the surgery.   My patients want my expertise being directly applied to them; therefore, I am only able to perform one surgery a day.  My entire attention is dedicated to only you, to make sure that you get the most natural looking result.


Where do other physicians go to have their hair transplant surgery?  I am grateful that physicians and their family members trust me with their hair restoration.  Many international patients travel from out of their country to Pasadena in order to have their hair surgery performed by me, as I am an expert in this unique field.  High profile professionals, Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy award winners have done their research and come to me knowing that they will receive the best medical care with realistic expectations and natural looking results.