There are various cosmetic treatments, such as:


The naturalness of toupees has greatly improved over the years to the point it is hard to tell normal hair from a hairpiece. The biggest down side is the continual maintenance that is involved in keeping it looking natural. Hair transplants and the present medications may never give you the head of hair you had as a youth. Hairpieces are recommended for our patients that will not be satisfied with anything less than a dense, full head of hair (like they were when they were 18 years old). Hair pieces, like hair transplants, are a piece of art—there are excellent ones and there are horribly obvious ones. Dr. McAndrews has a referral source that provides excellent hair pieces.


There are many sprays and powders that give the illusion that there is less baldness; some are much more cosmetically elegant than others are. However, these products need to be applied daily and often do not produce the desired results.


This is a tattooing technique that creates dots which tries to mimic the look of a shaven scalp. It
can be quite useful in the illusion of giving a patient a thicker look or in hiding a scar. The down
side is that the ink can fade or turn a different color (ie: blue) with time. It is a procedure that
must be repeated to keep the benefits.