“Dr. Paul McAndrews is by far one of the most skilled and ethical hair restoration surgeons in the world. His dedication to his patients is second to none, and his results are truly state of the art. I only wish that other surgeons would strive to meet the bar that Dr. McAndrews has set.”
Spencer Kobren- Founder, American Hair Loss Association; Founder/Director, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons; Host of the Nationally Syndicated Radio Program “The Bald Truth”

“I’ve seen thousands of hair transplants over the past 20 years and the bottom line is there’s no one – and I mean no one – that does it like Dr. Paul McAndrews. He has taken hair transplants to a different level with his meticulous approach making them completely undetectable.”
Jonathan Anton, Celebrity Stylist, Star of “Blow Out”, and founder of Jonathan Product, LLC.

“Medicine raised to its highest level becomes art. Dr. McAndrews has taken hair transplantation away from the Clinics that abound throughout the U.S. and brought it to a new level. His formal training in a residency program is unsurpassed. To this knowledge he has added the latest techniques and technologies available in the field of hair transplantation and brought the procedure into the new millennium. Dr. McAndrews then applies all of this skill and expertise personally, giving each patient his undivided attention. He is incomparable in the field of Hair Transplantation. I only entrust Dr. McAndrews with my patients with hair loss”
Arnold Klein M.D. – Clinical Professor of Dermatology/Medicine at the David Geffen/UCLA School of Medicine. Dermatologist to the Stars

“As a hair transplant surgeon and dermatologist, myself, I know there are vast differences in physicians that perform hair transplants. Many hair transplant doctors have never been formally trained in a residency and just learned on their own. The true art of hair restorations cannot be learned in a book or at a weekend course. When I started to show the signs of male pattern baldness, I knew I wanted a hair transplant. I have seen the “nightmare” hair transplants and there are very few doctors I would trust when making such an important decision about my appearance.
I chose Dr. McAndrews because of his unparalleled reputation in the field of hair restorations. His expertise and integrity are unsurpassed. There is an immense contrast between their approach to their patients with hair loss and the larger hair transplant clinics. They have maintained that “Marcus Welby” disposition, showing true concern for their patients and treating them as if they were family members, which is rare in our society. After being a patient of theirs, it has changed how I do hair transplants and how I treat my patients. I would be glad to talk with any perspective patients.”
Dan Buchen, M.D., Hair Transplant Surgeon & Dermatologist


“When my friends and family saw me, they were also amazed at the results. They could not believe the difference, inside and out. And every time I get my hair cut, my hairdresser remarks about the quality of the work Dr. McAndrews did. She can’t find any scars and can’t believe how natural it looks!”
Jonathan C. – Patient.

“After the first procedure, I went to a cocktail party wearing a hat, and after the second one, I went to my office to finish the workday. It’s amazing the difference…My friends and family say I look 10 years younger now. I look and feel like a different person…. like the man in the mirror before my hair transplants wasn’t even me….Now I can wear my hair the way I want to. Having a positive outlook on my appearance helps me deliver in my business.”
J. N. – Producer (male)

“I am an actor and body builder, so my appearance is very important to me. When I started losing my hair, I was very concerned. After much research on hair loss and the various treatments, I decided I wanted a hair transplant. My biggest worry was how do I choose a doctor. I knew I was not going to just blindly trust an important decision to someone who advertises in the “sports section,” yellow pages, or on TV.  I did my research asking people in the industry and my physician. Dr. McAndrews was the doctors I chose.

  • My doctor recommended them.
  • A colleague of mine had a hair transplant by them and the results were amazing. I couldn’t tell that he had a hair transplant.
  • His expertise. Dr. McAndrews is an Associate Professors at USC School of Medicine teaching residents in hair transplants..
  • His quality. When it came to the day of the hair transplant, they locked the door behind me. I was the only patient they saw that day. They tell me that is how it always is! Dr. McAndrews was involved in every step of the process. I left that day feeling very reassured knowing their whole focus was on me that day.
  • Integrity. Dr. McAndrews met personally with me for over an hour on my initial consult, educating me on hair loss and the treatment alternatives. They didn’t try to show me deceiving computer images, pictures, or videos; they spent most of the time making sure my expectations were realistic.
  • Confidentiality. Their office is not like the big hair transplant clinics. They have a small, very experienced staff that respects the patients right to privacy. And, as I said before, they locked the door behind me.

In conclusion, I could not be happier with my decision and would be more than happy to help other perspective patients make such a crucial decision.”
Ron Dippolito, Actor & Body Builder