“When my friends and family saw me, they were also amazed at the results. They could not believe the difference, inside and out. And every time I get my hair cut, my hairdresser remarks about the quality of the work Dr. McAndrews did. She can’t find any scars and can’t believe how natural it looks!”
– Jonathan C. – Patient

“It’s amazing the difference…My friends and family say I look 10 years younger now. I look and feel like a different person…like the man in the mirror before my hair transplants wasn’t even me…Now I can wear my hair the way I want to . Having a positive outlook on my appearance helps me deliver in my business.”
– J.N. – Producer (Male)

“Dr. Paul McAndrews is by far one of the most skilled and ethical hair restoration surgeons in the world. His dedication to his patients is second to none, and his results are truly state of the art. I only with that other surgeons would strive to meet the bar that Dr. McAndrews has set.”
– Spencer Kobren – Founder, American Hair Loss Association Founder/Director

“I’ve seen thousands of hair transplants over the past 20 years and the bottom line is there’s no one – and I mean no one – that does it like Dr. Paul McAndrews. He has taken hair transplants to a different level with his meticulous approach making them completely undetectable.”
– Jonathan Anton, celebrity stylist & Star of “Blow Out.”