Diagnosing Reasons for Hair Loss

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Many people wonder what causes hair loss. The causes of hair loss vary depending upon a number of factors, including genetics (often baldness or alopecia), illness (such as thyroid disease), and medications you may be taking. The best way to get a proper hair loss diagnosis is to see a Dermatologist specializing in hair loss.


Your consult should only be with an ethical medical doctor, and one who helps their patients make an educated decision. Dermatologists are board-certified physicians who specialize in skin and hair. If you are experiencing hair loss, an ethical hair transplant surgeon will advise you on all your options depending upon your unique case. Do not have your consult with a technician or sales rep – they lack the proper medical training and may misdiagnose a hair disorder that’s caused by an underlying disease.


Make sure that your hair transplant doctor does the entire surgery. Some physicians do not do the surgery themselves, and outsource it to a technician, nurse or even a robot. These robotic devices are often marketed to doctors as a way to delegate the procedure to an outsourced technician. It is illegal in the State of California for anybody, other than a licensed medical doctor, to perform surgery.


A hair transplant is a surgical procedure. It’s also called hair restoration, hair grafting and hair implants. It is a medical procedure that involves taking donor hairs from one or more areas of your body (typically the back or sides of your scalp) and moving them to an area where you’ve had hair loss. Good donor area hair management is crucial, as you want the highest rates of survival and growth. The hair line and growth pattern must look natural now, and also look great later in the future years.


There are two main types of hair transplant surgery: FUE and Strip FUT. Both can have high patient satisfaction when in the hands of a qualified and properly trained medical hair transplant surgeon. Careful positioning and the use of irregularly placed single and double hair grafts are key when performing a natural looking hair transplant. Both FUE and Strip FUT surgeries have benefits, and the best treatment plan depends upon your individual case. You want a result that looks as natural as possible and virtually undetectable.


You will get the best, safest and most natural looking hair transplant results with a medically licensed physician who has extensive training in hair restoration surgery. Take your time and do your research. Who is actually making your hair loss diagnosis, and who will be performing your surgery? Will the surgeon personally perform a transplant that’s conservative in technique with incredible natural results?

The more questions you ask, the more educated you will be in choosing the right physician for your hair loss.